About MITCOE Computer Department

    Head of Department

Prof.Bharati Dixit

Associate Professor

The MIT College of Engineering established the Department of Computer Engineering in the academic year 2001-02. The Department of Computer Engineering offers undergraduate ‘Bachelor of Engineering’ degree that covers the entire spectrum of computing. It is a four year degree course affiliated to University of Pune, Maharashtra with a total intake of 120 students. The Department of Computer Engineering also offers postgraduate ‘Master of Engineering’ degree with the focus on the advanced subjects in Computer Engineering. It is a two year degree course affiliated to University of Pune with a total intake of 18 students. The “Bachelor of Computer Engineering” degree program is to impart intellectual and architectural basis for computing. The curriculum is designed to understand the potential of computation, algorithms, systems, software, architecture and networks. It also includes the subjects for Software Engineering Practices. The second objective is to provide students with the skills necessary to be effective contributors in a quality-oriented, customer-focused environment. Courses throughout the program emphasize on open-ended, design-oriented approach to solve engineering problems. Teamwork, communication skills, an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and a research attitude are some of the skills that the students develop through various technical and co-curricular activities. ​The students and the faculty are involved in R & D activities and it has resulted in the papers published in national & international conferences and journals. Our staff members are continuously upgrading themselves by attending conferences, seminars, workshops and pursuing higher studies.